Spargi island is the third largest one of the La Maddalena archipelago, it has almost a rounded shape, about 4 square kilometres of surface area and 11 kilometres of coastline with several spectacular beaches situated along the south-eastern shores. The north-western coast of Spargi is characterized by high cliffs. The highest hill called Guardia Preposti reaches 153 meters above sea level. Spargi encloses in itself the beauty of the landscape and an extraordinary rich biodiversity. It is a paradise for some species of birds such as the crested cormorant or Corsican seagull that nest in the high cliffs of Spargiotto island situated in front of the western coast of Spargi. With the exception of the herring gull, all the other bird species are protected.

A perfect hiding place for bandits

The inner part of the island and its large plateau are almost inaccessible due to the thick vegetation of rock roses, strawberry trees, junipers and lentisk. At the beginning of the 19th century the Corsican bandit Natale Berretta hide himself on Spargi to avoid a prison sentence and he managed to escape to regular inspections by the guards. Once his innocence had been proven, he decided to continue to live on Spargi with his family and his old house was abandoned only in 1967. Since Spargi is rich in water it was inhabited for long periods. During the two world wars there were also military bases located here. The most particular and significant military building is the fortress Batteria Zanotto.

Spots you can’t miss

The most famous beauty spots on Spargi are concentrated on the south-east of the island. These are the beaches with the extraordinary white sand: starting from the south passing to the east we’ll see Cala Corsara, Cala Soraya, Cala Granara and Cala dell’Amore.

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