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Piazza Umberto I square

The locals nicknamed it Command Square but the real name is Pizza Umberto I. Its vast extension allows the organization of all the kinds of the festivals and ceremonies, such as the important Swearing of the Oath Ceremony for the Navel cadets.

The current look of the square dates back to the 90’s when it was paved entirely with new granite and palm trees were planted. On its eastern edge we find a granite column with a bronze bust of Anita Garibaldi, who was the first wife of the hero of the two worlds, as Garibaldi is commonly referred to, and mother of his first four children. On the western edge of the square, in front of the post office, stands a commemorative bronze statue of Giovanni Battista Culiolo nicknamed Maggior Leggero, Light Major in English, a very interesting person from La Maddalena and a faithful comrade of Garibaldi during all his battles across South America and Italy.

Some spots that we recommend

We have mentioned and showed you only a small part of the places worth a visit at La Maddalena. Many others cannot be reached on foot or in just the short time we have available. Among the spots we definitely recommend to visit is the Nino Lamboglia Naval Museum with an exhibition of finds from the Roman ship wreck in Corsair Bay on the island of Spargi as well as interesting information on maritime trading in those times. Another interesting spots are the Giardinelli peninsula rich in amazing granite formations and unbelievably transparent sea water, the Panoramic Road running all around the island with a possibility to see from a good height the whole area of the Bonifacio Strait, or the Santissima Trinità church rich in votive donations mainly by those who work on seas.

On the island of Caprera, which is connected to La Maddalena by the Ponte della Moneta bridge, we can visit the house, now museum of Giuseppe Garibaldi and find out how he lived far from the battle fields. Since 2001, the Geo-mineralogical and Natural Museum located in the Stagnali hamlet in one of the renovated military barracks and run by the Naturalistic Association of La Maddalena. Or something a little different – we can take an easy and very panoramic hike to the Candeo battery, one of several military fortresses located within the Archipelago.


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