Just few metres northwards from Cala Corsara there is the snow-white Cala Soraya which is visible even at quite a distance. The extraordinarily fine white sand extends in a semicircle over the almost rock free slope, enclosed by low cliffs that meet the crystal clear water and shallow seabed.

The original name

The original name of this beach, Cala Ciaccaro, was given to it by the former bandit and later shepherd Natale Berretta, who occupied its upper part where he grew wheat and bred cattle. Until half a century ago the beach was infrequently used. For the fishermen it was too exposed and there were not enough fish, the men supplying sand for the construction industry preferred Cala di Trana close to Porto Rafael.

A queen name for the queen of beaches

Cala Ciaccaro became popular only when the first tourists arrived. As it was not a famous location, someone had the idea to give the beach an attractive name and to weave a few stories around its history. Now it is renamed Cala Soraya after a former Queen of Persia Soraya Esfandiary, also known as the sad Princess with big green eyes cast off by her husband Reza Palhavi, because she could not have children. One story is that Soraya’s desire was to have a villa directly on her favourite beach, somebody else recounts how she spent a night of passion with a local sailor. These are just two among the many “legends” behind the name.

Cala Soraya is not just a pretty name with an intriguing history, but real masterpiece of Mother nature: a tiny corner of  paradise with the finest sand enhanced by the splendour of the surrounding sea, a granite spur in the centre of the beach and water so crystal clear to be almost dazzling.

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