Cala Granara is one of the most beautiful and fascinating beaches of the Archipelago of La Maddalena. It is located on the southern coast of the Island of Spargi and is enclosed by a shallow reef and the greenery of the Mediterranean scrub. This wonderful beach is divided in two parts by a small granite spur. The particularity of this jewel in the archipelago is the fine light-beige sand with pinkish nuances here and there. The colour of the seabed varies from almost transparent light-blue and shining azure to dark blue. The massive and smooth granite rocks eroded by the prevailing winds which bend the precious juniper trees growing on the sandy shore, make it a marvel to see.   

The origin of the name

The name of Cala Granara seams to derive from the wheat (grano means wheat) that was grown on the small flat area just behind the beach. However, it could be also from the easy landing for the boats carrying essential food supplies to the soldiers at the nearby Zanotto fortress, an anti-aircraft battery consisting of buildings concealed among the rocks and the thick vegetation. An interesting fact about the Zanotto fortress is that every single building is identified by a marble plaque embossed with bronze lettering.

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