Cala dell’Amore is our exclusive stop as motor yacht Luxury Virginia is the only passenger tour boat authorized to anchor just a few metres from the shore and we’ll have a unique opportunity to reach the beach, just a few swim strokes from the boat, where we can enjoy this fabulous corner of Spargi.

Our corner of paradise in Spargi Island

The beach is lovely for its tiny size. The setting reminds us of the magic and unforgettable moment of falling in love. This small corner of paradise is fortunately sheltered from the western winds. Moveover we can admire the rocks shaped by the elements. The thick Mediterranean scrub with its heady scents extends in some points almost to the shoreline, leaving only a tiny space for just a couple of visitors who are so lucky to reach this beach. Since the beach is so small, it is not often visited. However, Cala dell’Amore is very much appreciated by those who have the possibility to do so.

This bay was chosen for a competition called “the Beach that does not Exist“, by a famous Italian company. In fact, the colours of the water, the particularity of the rocks and the vegetation look like an exotic dream destination. It was not easy at all for the participants to guess the name of the beach.

The real name

The next beach along from Cala dell’Amore is called Cala Connari. The name appears to derive from a tiny species of fish like anchovy or sardine that are called connari in the local dialect. In the past they were fished directly from the beach. The skilled fishermen would throw the fine meshed network called  “sciabica” using a special technique. Nowadays there are many restrictions to fishing within the archipelago area.

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