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Baja Sardinia, one of our departure points, is a small village with about 150 inhabitants belonging to the municipality of Arzachena. In the past it was an important  water supplying station for the military bases on La Maddalena island. The large old cisterns can still be found behind the beaches even today. The original name of the bay where the village is situated is Cala Battistini. When the first tourist facilities were built, a new exotic-like and an easy to remember name was invented. In fact, Baja Sardinia tells you exactly where you are within Italy!

Domenico Gentili: the founder of the small village

Baja Sardinia was built in 1961 thanks to Domenico Gentili from Bologna. He bought the first 90 hectars and designed the village of Baja Sardinia that lays between Piazzetta delle due vele, or Two sails Square in English, with its red paving that we can see right above the beach, and a granite church dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padova situated about 200 metres south of the square.

What to do in Baja Sardinia?

All around the square there are some bars, restaurants and a couple of hotels as Club hotel, a light yellow circular building on the right of the beach, or La Bisaccia hotel on the opposite side. On the beach well-known for its golden sand and magnificent view of Caprera island there are sunbeds and sunshades for hire and boat rentals.

Baja Sardinia is just a stone’s throw far from the Emerald Coast. That’s why there are a couple of clubs and discos, for example Il Ritual, a disco club in the artificial caves of the granite rocks, or a popular open air club Phi Beach with a view over the transparent sea, the huge granite boulders and one of the military fortresses that protected La Maddalena as its backdrop. On the outskirts of Baja Sardinia there is the only water theme park on the Emerald Coast Acquadream.


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